1. No slide tackling under any circumstances.
  2. Players are not allowed to enter the goal keeper box.
  3. Goal keeper is not allow to leave their box otherwise a penalty kick is awarded.
  4. The goal keeper is allowed to throw and kick the ball under and over arm.
  5. There is a siren which will sound to indicate the beginning, middle and end of each game.


  1. Shin guards are mandatory while playing at Premier Fives. Whilst we expect teams to play safely and friendly, in the heat of the moment (especially in crucial games) accidents can happen, so please ensure you have sturdy shin guards to protect yourself.
  2. Footwear must either be astro-boots or trainers.
  3. Rubber moulded boots may be used.
  4. Screw-in studs are not permitted.
  5. There is no head height rule and the ball is in play at all times unless a stoppage or foul occurs.
  6. Heading the ball is allowed.
  7. Jewellery must be removed or taped up during matches (including goal keepers).
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